Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Family Yard & the White Rose Bush - 1799 John Beale Bordley - Essays & Notes on Husbandry & Rural Affairs

John Beale Bordley. Essays & Notes on Husbandry & Rural Affairs. Printed by Budd and Bartram, for Thomas Dobson, at the stone house, no 41, South Second Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1799

The Family Yard

The Family-yard, is a barrier against farm-yard intrusions. It is covered with a clean, close yard of spire grass. Its margin alone may be admitted to grow flowers. It is fenced by a sunk fence; on the top whereof may be, if necessary, alow, light palisade; which with the bank may be hid by rose trees planted in the ditch, which is to slope gently up towards the mansion. The white rose bush or tree is the hardieft and handsomest fort, and something the tallest.