Friday, August 2, 2013

Primary Source - 1737 Runaway Gardener

Richmond County, August 27, 1737...ran away Irish Man, talks thick, and much upon the Brogue, and was known by the Name of Bryan Kelly. He is of a middle Stature, black Hair, fresh Complexion, much Pock-fretten, his Head close shav'd when he went away, and professes himself a Gardener by Trade ; and took with him a Gun and Ammunition; Two old Black, and One Yellowish Natural Wigg, One coarse Camblet Coat, of a greenish Cast, half trimm'd, with with white Pearl Buttons, and only fac'd with Shalloon ; a Man's Cloth Coat half trimm'd, with yellow Mettle Buttons, and only fac'd ; one red Penistone Jacket, trimm'd, with Mettle Buttons ; one grey Cloth Jacket ; one pair of Cloth, and one pair of Ticken Breeches, one pair of new Trowsers, 3 Check'd Oznabrig Shirts, Shoes, and Stockings; and an old fine Hat without Lining...

Virginia Gazette (Parks), Williamsburg, From August 26 to September 2, 1737..