Monday, February 7, 2022

Family Poses before Their Lush Pennsylvania Farm & Landscape

Attributed to Jacob Maentel (1778-1863) Family Portrait: Mary Ann and John Michael Kitzmiller and Children, Littlestown, Adams County, PA. Mary Ann (1792-1858) and John Michael Kitzmiller (1782-1849) with their children: Eli George (1815-1899), Honoria Elizabeth (1816-1894), Zebulon John (1819-1884) and Louisa Maria Christiana (1833-1922), painted outdoors before a farm and lush landscape. The figure of the youngest child is cut-out and applied. Mary Ann holds a note with the inscription, "When this you see Remember Me Lest I should be forgotten, When I am dead and under foot and trodden. Mary Ann Kitzmiller, their mother."

John Michael Kitzmiller was a dealer of oat, rye and corn, and owned for some years Kitzmiller's Mill located at the headwaters of Little Conewago Creek in Littlestown. The mill was established by Kitzmiller's ancestors in 1738 and stood until the 1940s. John Michael's parents, John George (1738-1824) and Anna Christiana Kitzmiller (1747-1831) were painted by Jacob Maentel in a double portrait. Both works were included in an exhibition at the Historical Society of York County in 1944.