Wednesday, August 14, 2019

1585 John White shows gourds used by Native Americans in his drawings of Virginia

1585 John White (English artist, c 1540-1593) Indian Woman and Young Girl  Here John White portrays a dried gourd being used as a water container.

Artist John White (English artist, c 1540-1593) visited the Atlantic coast & briefly stayed at Roanoke Island in 1585. According to a note attached to the engraving of one of John White's drawing, “WHEN they have escaped any great danger by sea or lande, or be returned from the warr in token of Joye they mayk a great fyer abowt which the men, and woemen sitt together, holdinge a certaine fruite in their hands like unto a rownde pompion or a gourde, which after they have taken out the fruits, and the seedes, then fill with small stons or certayne bigg kernells to make the more noise, and fasten that uppon a sticke, and singinge after their manner, they make merri”  from The True Pictures and Fashions of the People in that Parte of America Now Called Virginia, Discowred by Englismen Sent Thither in the Years of Our Lorde 1585.

 1585 John White (English artist, c 1540-1593) A Fire Ceremony