Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Plants in Early American Gardens - Green Striped Cushaw Winter Squash

Green Striped Cushaw Winter Squash (Cucurbita mixta cv.)

Cushaws likely originated in the West Indies before 1700, and this heirloom is believed to be the same variety cultivated before 1860 as “Improved Cushaw.” Jefferson cultivated numerous squashes at Monticello, including “long crooked” and “warted” summer squash, “Cymlings,” and winter varieties. ‘Green-Striped Cushaw’ is a hardy winter squash with distinctively green-striped white skin and thick, yellow, mildly sweet flesh good for baking. It produces vigorous, borer-resistant vines; and medium-large, oblong, pear-shaped fruits with crooked necks, weighing 5-15 pounds.