Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Geo Washington - Cooling the Wine

George Washington as Farmer by Junius Brutus Stearns. 1851

 Cooling the Wine

To cool wine, meat & other articles, Washington early adopted the practice of putting up ice, a thing then unusual. In January, 1785, he prepared a dry well under the summer house & also one in his new cellar & in due time had both filled. June fifth he "Opened the well in my Cellar in which I had laid up a store of Ice, but there was not the smallest particle remaining.--I then opened the other Repository (call the dry Well) in which I found a large store." Later he erected an ice house to the eastward of the flower garden.

His experience with the cellar well was akin to that of his friend, James Madison, on a like occasion. Madison had an ice house filled with ice, & a skeptical overseer wagered a turkey against a mint julep that by the fourth of July the ice would all have disappeared. The day came, they opened the house, & behold there was enough ice for exactly one julep! 

From: George Washington: Farmer (1915) by Paul Leland Haworth (1876-1936) 

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