Monday, May 13, 2019

Plant Lists - 1763 Thomas Sorsby's List

An orchard by a stream by Jonathan Skelton, c.1750s.  Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection 

Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg, Virginia, November 4, 1763
From Southern Garden History Plant Lists

To be SOLD by THOMAS SORSBY, Near Cabin Point, in Surry County,

SUNDRY kinds of the choicest And best APPLE TREES, viz.

Best cheese apple [Malus pumila ‘Cheese’]
Long stems
Newtown pippins
Bray’s white apples
Clark’s pearmains,
Lightfoot’s Father Abrahams
Sorsby’s Father Abrahams
Lightfoot’s Hughes
Sorsby’s Hughes
Ellis’s Hughes
New-York Yellow apples
Golden russeteens
Westbrook’s Sammons’s
Horse apples
Royal pearmains
A choice red apple
Best May apples
Sally Gray’s apple
Old England apple
Green apple
Harvey’s apple
Peach trees [Prunus persica]
Cherry trees [Prunus avium and cerasus]