Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Early American Plant Lists - Fruit Trees planted by Virginian St. George Tucker 1784-1792

St. George Tucker (1752-1827), was born in Port Royal, Bermuda. In 1771, he went to Virginia to attend the College of William & Mary, where he studied law.  St. George had attended William & Mary in Williamsburg during the eventful 1770s, & the Revolution inspired him to join the Virginia militia, where he rose to the rank of Colonel. After the Revolution he became a professor of law at the College of William & Mary. He served as a judge of the General Court of Virginia & on the Court of Appeals.  Following the war, Tucker supported the gradual emancipation of slaves, which he proposed to the state legislature in a pamphlet published in 1796. He wrote an American edition of Blackstone's "Commentaries" that became a valuable reference work for many American lawyers & law students in the early 19C. President James Madison in 1813 appointed Tucker as the United States District Court judge for Virginia.

Fruit Trees planted by St. George Tucker at the Matoax plantation of his wife Francis Bland Randolph Tucker (1752-1788), near Petersburg, Virginia, 1784-1792  Based on notations in St. George Tucker Almanacs, 1784-1789, Tucker-Coleman Papers, Swem  Library, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.  Compiled by Peter Hatch.  Southern Garden History Plant Lists

Fruit Trees

Almonds [Prunus dulcis var. dulcis]

Apples [Malus pumila]
 Clarks Pearmains
 Early Bough
 Esopus Spitzeburg
 Hughes’s Crabs
 Large Early
 Newtown Pippin
 Old Town Creek Crab
 Rhode Island Greening
 Royal Wildings
 Westfield Seek-No-Further
 Yellow Bellflower

Apricots [Prunus armeniaca]
 Early (from Sabine Hall)
 Large Early
Cherries [Prunus avium and cerasus]
 Black Heart
 Bleeding Heart
 May Duke
 Ox Heart
 White Heart

Nectarines [Prunus persica var. nucipersica]
 Large Green Clingstone
 Red Roman

Peaches [Prunus persica]
 Early White Cling
 Green Catherine
 Heath (White Heath)
 Large White Clingstone
 Large Yellow Clingstone
 November Soft Peach
 Pineapple Clingstone
 Red Clingstone
 Red Pineapple Clingstone
 Small Yellow Soft
 White Clingstone
 White Soft [freestone]

Pear [Prunus communis]
 Beurre de Roi
 [Brocaus Bergamot
 [?Cuifse madam]
 Large Bell
 Large summer baking
 Large Winter
 Lent St. Germaine
 Summer Bergamot
 Swan’s Egg

Plums [Prunus domestica, etc.]
 Drop d’Or
 Green Gage
 Jean Hative
 Large blue (clingstone)
 Red Imperial
 Red Magnum Bonum
 Smaller blue (parts from the stone)
 Yellow Egg
 White Magnum Bonum